Help Support Humane Borders through Donations

Financial Donations
It takes money to maintain life-saving water stations in the Sonoran Desert. The stations themselves are vandalized on an all-too-often basis. The remote, rugged dirt roads we must access, as well as exposure to the extremely hot sun, take a significant toll on our trucks, including their tires and front ends. It’s not unusual for a water run to consume fifteen to twenty gallons of gasoline. So even though Humane Borders has only one paid employee, we absolutely depend on donations from people and religious groups — and even our volunteer drivers and passengers — to continue our humanitarian work. Please donate using the link below.


In-kind Donations
We dream of getting new 3.5 ton trucks to renew our mostly aging, rattle-trap fleet. We need the volunteer help of one or more skilled automobile technicians, especially those who have access to lifts and computers, to service our trucks. New tires in the correct size are especially welcome, as are other new or rebuilt truck parts. Please feel free to speak with our Operations Manager, Board Chair, or Executive Director if you are in a position to make in-kind donations, in order to learn more about our specific needs.

Donations Are Tax-deductible
The Internal Revenue Service has granted Humane Borders section 501(c)(3) non-profit status, meaning that all donations to us are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law. We will provide prompt acknowledgements of your financial or in-kind help in order to document your gift, so as to help you (or your accountant) take whatever charitable deduction is appropriate.

Humane Borders EIN #:  805033532

To learn more about how to make a contribution, visit our "Gifts for Donations" webpage.