Volunteer Opportunities

Humane Borders is now welcoming fully vaccinated volunteers to help us service dozens of water stations that we maintain along the border. We hope to hear from you soon!

Monthly Meetings
humane-borders-sign-upHumane Borders meets at 5:30 p.m. on the first Wednesday on the month in the House of Neighborly Service, Bldg. 4, located at 243 W. 33rd St. in South Tucson. With the advent of COVID, our meetings have gone "hybrid," meaning that we are meeting both in person and by ZOOM. If you would like to join one of our meetings face-to-face, we ask that you provide us with a scanned copy of your vaccine card. You can send to Rebecca Fowler at info@humaneborders.org. Otherwise, you're welcome to meet with us virtually. Just email Rebecca and she will send you a ZOOM invitation.

At Humane Borders meetings volunteers, staff members, and our board chair meets to discuss the work we carried out in the desert the week before. Meetings open with a prayer and introductions. We celebrate our modest victories, and we analyze the problems we’ve encountered as a group. We learn of upcoming events of interest and hear reports of families searching for missing migrants. We examine the state of our relationships with different contacts and government officials, including federal land managers and the Border Patrol. There is also the opportunity to sign up for future water runs. If you are thinking of becoming a volunteer, coming to one of our meetings is the best way to get acquainted with other volunteers and get started.

Water Runs
Our water runs are regularly scheduled trips, leaving from Tucson, Phoenix, and Ajo to our water stations in the Sonoran Desert. The runs usually start at 6 A.M., and last for a few hours up to most of the day, depending on the route being serviced. We check our water barrels and fill them when necessary from the 300-gallon tank on each truck. We maintain and replace when needed, the blue flags that alert migrants to the stations. We test the water for particulates, as required by our permits, view it to ensure that it isn’t polluted by algae, and taste it to make sure it’s readily potable. If we discover vandalism of our stations, we make repairs. We pick up items such as worn-out clothing and shoes and empty water bottles discarded by migrants.

Our trucks are air-conditioned, and hold four (five in a pinch) volunteers. We suggest that volunteers on water runs wear sturdy footwear such as hiking boots, a hat, and sunglasses. Work gloves are helpful. It’s a good idea for volunteers to bring water for personal use and something to munch on. A good sense of humor is something that will definitely come in handy.

Be prepared on water runs to experience the camaraderie felt by Humane Borders volunteers. You will meet new people from wildly varying backgrounds and viewpoints, united in a common desire to help the desperate, often vilified fellow human beings making the perilous desert crossing. We are united in the hope that our efforts will help some migrants avoid an excruciating death by thirst and exposure, and that their paths may be safe ones.

One of the benefits of participating in water runs is the opportunity to be out in Arizona’s hauntingly beautiful, ironically deadly desert landscape. You will understand and see first-hand, as you never could just by reading a book, the hardships that migrants encounter on their crossings.

For more detail on what it's like to volunteer for a water run, download "What To Expect If You Go on a Water Run"

Volunteer Contact Information:
From Tucson:
Rebecca Fowler – info@humaneborders.org
From Phoenix:
Dan Abbott – dabbott612@yahoo.com
Lynn Moriarty – lynnmmoriarty@aol.com
From Ajo:
Rebecca Fowler – rfowler@humaneborders.org
Susannah Brown – tibareno@aol.com

Visiting Groups Welcome
We welcome visiting religious, school, and civic groups by prior arrangement with Administrative Manager Rebecca Fowler at info@humaneborders.org. Our knowledgeable volunteers and staff can help educate members of such groups on current border issues, and provide them with an experience of the challenges posed by the Sonoran Desert.

Trash Pick-Up
Some groups in the past have taken on particular projects, such as collecting migrant and other trash from the remote roads that we service. If you have such a project in mind, please feel free to contact us to arrange this.

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